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Rehab for Golfers
Rehab for GolfersAs a licensed Body Balance for Performance® Golf Training Center, we know a lot about golf injuries and performance. Low back, shoulder, wrist and forearm injuries are the most common areas of complaints when swinging a golf club. Even though you might not have injured yourself on the course, the golf swing can exacerbate these types of complaints. PELICAN Sports & Rehabilitation has the specific course of treatment for you. Once you have finished your physical therapy, we will encourage you to look into our Body Balance for Performance ® Golf Fitness Program to reduce your chances of re-injury. Feel better & play better golf…for a lifetime!

Rehab for Tennis Players
Rehab for Tennis PlayersTennis players commonly sustain injuries to the knee, foot/ankle, low back, shoulder & elbow. Common diagnoses include: Plantar Fasciitis, Sprain/Strains, Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow, Rotator Cuff tendonitis & Bursitis. Whatever the case may be, PELICAN Sports & Rehabilitation has the specific treatment plan for you.

Rehab for Runners
Rehab for RunnersHip, knee, shin/lower leg, foot & ankle pain typically keep a runner from running, even the low back at times. Common diagnoses include sprain/strains, tendonitis/bursitis, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and stress fractures. Let PELICAN Sports & Rehabilitation customize your treatment program that will get you back on track.

Rehab for Bicyclers
Rehab for BicyclersCyclists typically battle with Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs) of the knee, foot or ankle. Other injury types include low back complaints as well as neck and wrist. There are also those injuries as a result of a traumatic accident such as fractures. PELICAN Sports & Rehabilitation can help with your recovery and get you back on your bike!

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