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Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning Program

Physical Therapy Patients

If you or a loved one is demonstrating poor balance, difficulty walking and has a risk of falling, physical therapy is the best option to reduce ones fall risk. With a comprehensive evaluation to include computerized balance testing, strength testing, flexibility assessment, endurance testing, blood pressure/heart rate testing and a self assessment of one’s general health, our staff will review your results with you and advise you if you are at risk of falling. If the cause is physical, we will customize a physical therapy program just for you. This can be covered under insurance and a physician referral might be needed. Let us help you or your loved one regain the confidence they need.

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Wellness Clients

Once you’ve reduced your fall risk and completed physical therapy, starting our Fall Risk Conditioning Wellness Program would be your next recommended step. It is a well known fact that those who have balance problems and risk of falls need an ongoing program to improve and/or maintain their reduced fall risk level as they age. Many patients unfortunately discontinue their physical therapy home exercise program after only a few weeks from being discharged and slowly begin to lose the improvement they once had. Therefore, PSR has developed a unique wellness program, after you’ve been discharged from physical therapy, that will help you in the months and years to come. Better yet, it’s carried out and/or supervised by the person who knows you best – your physical therapist. Each person is unique and has different needs, so it’s best to schedule a free 20min consult with our therapists to discuss how our Fall Risk Conditioning Wellness Program can benefit you. If you are a current patient, discuss this wellness option with your physical therapist the next time you’re in!

Don’t wait, call us today at (239) 591-4711 and ask to be schedule for your free 20 minute Fall Risk consultation today This can be done over the phone or at our facility. We are confident that you and your family will be glad you did.

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