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ALINE Laser Fitted Athletic Insoles

Our Body Balance’s FitGolf Performance Center is an authorized ALINE dealer. Whether you stand a lot or enjoy walking, running, golfing, playing tennis, cycling, skiing or any other activity where you are on your feet for an extended period of time, you’ll love your ALINE athletic insoles.

We live in a world of hard, flat surfaces. And we place extreme demands on our feet. Over time, our arches fall and our ankles begin to lean. That is bad news for the knees, hips, back and shoulders.

But there is good news too. Your feet can stay strong, if you’ll only let them. When you wear ALINEs every day, combined with well-built, non-squishy footwear, you’ll begin to notice worlds of difference in the way your body feels and you’ll be ready to perform at a higher level when it’s time to go on a long hike, for a short walk or hit the golf course.

How does ALINE help?

The ALINE fitting system uses a laser to assess and show you where you are currently aligned and how ALINEs can help. With some adjustments of the ALINEs insoles, we will customize them for what’s right for you. Using the ALINEs, the foot is supported, but also allowed to move through the suspension zones to generate power inside your rigid shoe. The patented ribs are engineered to flex and rebound to increase power transfer and maintain ALINEmentTM.

What does ALINE mean for you?

  • Reduce your chances of foot/ankle, knee, hip and low back injuries or complaints by having improved lower body alignment,
  • Increased stability of your foot inside your shoe. This means a smoother stride and less fatigue.
  • Achieve and maintain stronger feet and legs and let your feet (and body) move more efficiently.
  • Improve your overall lower body endurance with less fatigue.


  • $125 + tax (Includes your initial ALINE LASER Fitting and 1 pair of ALINEs)
  • $ 99 + tax (for any additional pairs of ALINEs once your are fitted.)

What Next?

Schedule your ALINE Laser Fitting right now by calling (239) 591-4711. You’ll be glad you did!